As a singer, a songwriter, and the beating heart of the internationally renowned Celtic rock band, The Dolmen, Taloch is a familiar figure. He is also a serious Esoteric Scientist, an Occult seeker, a Cunning Man, and a life-long, practicing Witch.


As founding member of the eclectic Pagan organisation Clan Dolmen (formerly known as The Dolmen Grove) Taloch has functioned as Ceremonial and Spiritual Facilitator of rituals in both the UK and mainland Europe since its establishment almost thirty years ago. In honour of the individuals and families who refused to relinquish their convictions, the last few years have seen the revival of Conjurer’s Lodge as an inner circle of Clan Dolmen, a place for the study and practice of Traditional Witchcraft, in which Taloch also serves as officiant, instructor, and spiritual adviser.

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